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  • ITB Episode 108: Rein New BMW Value Covers Part 2

    In the second episode of Inside the Brands dedicated to the new Rein Automotive valve covers for popular late-model BMW engines, CRP’s David Hirschhorn goes into more detail about the parts and kits built around them.

    As mentioned in Episode 107, the plastic OE valve covers for BMW N20, N52, N54, and N55 engines are prone to cracking and warping — and CRP embarked on a quest to develop a high-quality replacement part, complete with rigorous third-party testing.

    These Rein Automotive-branded valve covers are sold individually and as kits. Initially the N20 and N52 applications will be available, and CRP will be rolling out the N54 and N55 ones soon.

    Note that these valve covers have integrated breather valves built in — so along with failures due to warping or cracking, if the breather fails it means a new valve cover is needed. Even in non-kit form, the valve covers come with a few extras — namely the correct mating gaskets as well as gaskets for the spark plug tubes.

    Part Numbers (Valve Cover Only):
    N20: VCE0103
    N52: VCE0102

    The kit versions add a breather hose and OE oil cap. Note that there are actually two different kits for the N52 engine…one includes an OE eccentric shaft sensor. When the sensor fails, you have to take off the valve cover to replace it, and many shops are choosing to install a replacement valve cover as preventative maintenance. The other N52 kit does not include a sensor for times that a sensor is sourced separately or does not need to be changed.

    Additionally, since the alternator commonly has to be removed when changing the breather hose on N52 engines, we include 4 aluminum alternator mounting bolts in the kits since the originals can’t be reused.

    Kit Part Numbers:
    N20: VCK0103
    N52: VCK0102 (with sensor)
    N52: VCK0102B (without sensor)

    Additional applications (N54 and N55) will roll out later this year. To find the right Rein Automotive part for any vehicle, visit www.showmetheparts.com/crp

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