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  • ITB Episode 92: Ultra-Low Viscosity Oils — Part 2

    In this episode of Inside the Brands, CRP’s Mark Malone discusses some feedback we’ve heard regarding 0W-20 oil, which is considered an “ultra-low viscosity” oil. These 0W-20 formulations are spec’d by automakers in an effort to help meet the CAFE fuel economy targets. A lighter-weight oil takes less energy to move through the system.

    But keep in mind that these ultra-low viscosity oils are often used in smaller-displacement engines, which are frequently turbocharged to help produce more power per liter. So the entire engine compartment is a hotter place than it used to be. In fact, temperatures at the turbocharger can reach as high as 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What we’ve heard from our Innovation Council members and other customers is that the newer engines tend to consume oil at a higher rate than predicted.

    What this means for service technicians and shop owners is that, for vehicles that use an ultra-low viscosity oil, you need to be extra vigilant about checking oil levels. And perhaps it’s time to consider recommending the traditional oil change interval standards of 3,000 or 5,000 miles to your customers instead of the 10,000-mile interval that’s become popular. At least as a preventative measure. It may sound like overkill…but better safe than sorry, right?

    If you’re looking for a source for high-quality ultra-low viscosity oil, CRP Automotive recommends Pentosin products. Pentosin has been a reputable brand name for years — and is now part of Fuchs Lubricants, the largest privately held oil company in the world.

    CRP currently offers three individual 0W-20 oils that have approvals for BMW, Volvo, and VW — and the BMW version is also recommended for the Porsche C20 application.

    Pentospeed LL-14 SAE 0W-20
    BMW Approved – Spec. LL-14
    Part No. 8044305 (1L) / 8044307 (5L)

    Pentospeed SP IV 0W-20
    VW Approved – Spec. 508.00/509.00
    Part No. 8044309 (1L) / 8044311 (5L)

    Pentospeed VCC 0W-20
    Volvo Approved – Spec. VCC RBS0-2AE
    Part No. 8044313 (1L) / 8044315 (5L)

    We hope this video helps you avoid any issues due to increased consumption of these ultra-low viscosity oils. If you any have questions about motor oil or any other Pentosin brand technical fluids, feel free to post it below or on the CRP Automotive Facebook page. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

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